Connection is my middle name

When I was a little girl I already loved to DIY. As a communication consultant I enjoy connecting people and telling the stories behind people or products. And as a designer (and granddaughter of a furniture designer) I love to create story-telling products.

Story behind OnceUponaTree

In 2012 these passions came together in OnceUponaTree. I started to design unique accessories in a form of a tree. To visualize the concept of connecting. Connection is my middle name. Bringing together people, ideas and positive energy.

And now I’m selling my handmade life trees all over the world! It really makes me happy be able to facilitate the sharing of personal stories: about your family, your roots, where you’re going to and who you love. So what’s your story? Please share with me in your OnceUponTree.

Milestones and memories

OnceUponaTree is to capture and hold onto big moments in life. And therefore the perfect gift for special occasions like arrival of a newborn, birthdays, weddings or just for yourself. As a family tree, birth tree, wish tree or team tree to show your appreciation to a colleague. Let your creative juices flow! And do not forget your child’s room. A tree of life is a real eye catcher for kids as well!

How do you design your OnceUponaTree?

It’s easy. You just place pictures or notes of your precious moments and people in the leaves. You’ll get a template so you can cut your pictures to size easily. The pictures and notes can always be changed and switched around. So you can always make a new one of it.

OnceUponaTree is available in different sizes, materials and colors. By painting or coloring your life tree in a favorite color, it becomes even more personal. Life tree Bo with 28 picture frames is handmade of birch plywood. BoXL has got 38 picture frames. The tree can be placed stand alone but you can also hang the tree to the wall.

Connected to earth and people

All of my products have a meaningful story to tell. They are made with great care and using sustainable materials. Part of the production takes place in a sheltered working place. Besides that I sponsor ‘het Babyhuis’, a new Safe Haven house for young mothers and babies in need.

I deliver worldwide. And I usually ship your order the same day. Delivery times depend on your country and which career is used. Please contact me for more information.

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